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Industry Reports and Bakeoffs

Test Report: DNSSEC Impact on Broadband Routers and Firewalls
CoreCom's Lisa Phifer worked with Nominet's Ray Bellis to assess the potential impact of DNSSEC on broadband consumers by testing two dozen residential Internet routers and SOHO firewalls commonly used with broadband services. Their findings, potential impact on DNSSEC use by broadband consumers, and implications for manufacturers, are presented in this test report.

No Sweat: Turnkey security appliances bakeoff
In this Information Security round-up, Lisa Phifer compared “all in one” security appliances designed for midsized companies of 500 employees: Barbedwire Technologies' DP Inspector 500X, Fortinet's FortiGate 800, Internet Security Systems' Proventia M30, Secure Computing's SidewinderG2 1100, ServGate Technologies' EdgeForce Accel and Symantec's Symantec Gateway Security 5420.

Wireless LAN Analyzers
In this ISP-Planet series, Lisa Phifer identifies open source and commercially-available Wireless LAN Analyzers, common features and functions, and how to use these tools to survey, trouble-shoot, and tune Wi-Fi networks.

Security Tools for the Budget-Concious ISP
This ISP-Planet series enumerates commercial and open-source software that ISPs (and businesses) can use to create their own security toolbox, covering vulnerability assessment, security administration and audit, network traffice analysis, and intrusion detection.

2006 Managed Security Service Provider Survey
Core Competence has been conducting semi-annual Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) surveys for ISP-Planet since 1999.  Linked here is our fifth MSSP survey, conducted in December 2006, covering managed firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS, and Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus services.  Also see our June 2003, June 2001, and December 1999 surveys.

802.11 Wireless Security: Usage, Expectations, and Strategies
This June 2003 industry survey, developed by Core Competence for Jupiter Research, examines how wireless LANs based on 802.11 (WiFi) are being secured, business requirements for doing so, and the real-life consequences of inadequate safeguards. Based on a 1Q02 survey of over 300 qualified readers conducted by the JupiterMedia Group.

Wireless PDA VPNs
In this 2002 series developed for searchNetworking, Lisa Phifer looks at alternatives for securing PDA access to enterprise networks, PDA VPN clients for wireless LANs, PDA VPN clients for wireless WANs, and Secure Shell clients for PDAs.

VPN RFP Series
In 2001, ISP-Planet issued an RFP for VPN appliances suitable for ISP deployment to broadband-enabled businesses with 10 to 200 employees. We invited 40 vendors to reply, using RFP responses to thin the crowd. Lisa Phifer then tested and ranked the solutions proposed by the top three RFP responses — NetScreen, RapidStream, and SonicWALL — in our Chester Springs lab.

ISP-Planet Web Cache Series
In early 2000, Core Competence conducted a series of 6 web cache product reviews, culminating with a final comparative summary article. Reviews focused on ISP-class caching features, using a lab evaluation to assess how easy is each product was to install, configure, monitor, and upgrade.

In late 2000, ISP-Planet evaluated six SNMP network managers priced under $1,000. One by one, we examined each product in our lab, considering discovery, browse, query, configuration, monitoring, and reporting features. Here, in our series closer, we take a comparative look at participating products and their usefulness for smaller ISPs and enterprises.

Internet Appliances
This Industry Report, produced by Core Competence and David Strom in 2000-2001, offers an overview of Internet Appliances, including products from Cobalt, Encanto, eSoft, Efficient Networks (FlowPoint), FreeGate, Internet Appliance, Ramp, Rebel.com, and Technauts.

ISDN Router and Bridge Evaluation
The 1996 ISDN Router and Bridge Evaluation is the most thorough evaluation currently available of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) remote access router and bridge products.  The evaluation defined and compared the functionality, performance and cost of 13 leading ISDN router and bridge products for remote access.

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