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On-Line Presentations and Webcasts by CoreCom

Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning
This Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning program, developed by Lisa Phifer for TechTarget SearchSecurity and SearchNetworking sites, lets you develop an in-depth understanding of WLAN security risks and countermeasures. Broken into four lessons, each lesson presents a security strategy in a short on-demand webcast, supported by tactical tips that explain how to apply that strategy. Lesson quizzes and entrance/exit exams let you test what you have learned.

Fitting NAC Into Your Corporate Network
NAC makes it possible for companies to exert control over corporate network access based on endpoint security profiles. Reaching that point requires making some far-reaching decisions about network architecture. This on-demand Webcast, Lisa Phifer explores where NAC policy enforcement points can be placed, and how to integrate them with existing remote access and LAN security solutions.

UTM: The New Breed
Today, nearly every firewall vendor claims to deliver UTM. However, it can be quite challenging to make apples-to-apples comparisons when trying to select a UTM appliance. In this on-demand Webcast, Lisa Phifer explores the services and features provided by many of today's UTM products, including those designed for enterprise deployments.

Integrating Networking and Security
Today many security functions are embedded into the fabric of IP-based networks. This Networking Security Workshop offers an in-depth look at how the integration of security-related and networking-related teams, products and processes are affecting enterprise network security. To learn more about this workshop, browse the Workshop Outline.

Wi-Fi Encryption: Theory, Uses, Tips, and Tricks
Implementing and maintaining Wi-Fi networks requires an increased awareness and understanding of the techniques available to ensure the confidentiality of data traveling over wireless networks is equivalent to or better than wired networks. In this webinar -- one of a series of educational events produced by Xirrus -- Lisa Phifer joined Bruce Miller to discuss Wi-Fi encryption threats, standards, certifications, and practices. This live event is now available for on-demand viewing.

Does Security Integration Equal a Secure Branch Office?
In this on-demand webcast, Dave Piscitello discusses what constitutes a secure branch office, the security delivered by "branch in a box" versus best of breed solutions, support for remote management and monitoring, and how to keep pace with user growth and application needs.

Top 5 Ways to Lock Down Mobile Devices
For workers on-the-go, mobile devices are a lifeline to enterprise applications and data. In this InfoSec webcast, Lisa Phifer details five essential best practices to secure your company's mobile devices.

Extending your VPN with GoToMyPC Corporate
Providing flexible and secure remote access is one of the toughest jobs an IT manager faces. VPNs can meet many remote access needs, but they aren't the only tools available. IT managers can reduce their workload while maintaining control and security by linking remote workers to their own office desktops. In this on-demand webcast, Lisa Phifer discusses the benefits of augmenting your VPN with GoToMyPC Corporate.

Next Generation Secure Application Access
In this Aventail webinar, CoreCom's Dave Piscitello explains why there is a great need for solutions that achieve high degrees of end-user transparency and accessibility, provide granular policy control, and are, by design, able to adapt to and accommodate new devices, operating systems, applications, and access technologies.

The Weak Link in Computer Security: Passwords
CoreCom's Lisa Phifer participates in this Citrix video news report that offers a general public primer on password vulnerabilities and ways to reduce risk by eliminating what is all too often the weakest link in network and system defenses.

How To Cut Remote Access Costs Without Cutting Your Service Level
In this vendor-sponsored ZD coffee talk, ZD's Aaron Goldberg and Expertcity's Jason Randall join Lisa Phifer to explore remote access cost factors and illustrate how GoToMyPC Corporate, a browser-based managed security service, can meet business needs at lower cost.

Debugging IPsec
In this RubiCon 2002 presentation, Dave Piscitello offers advice on how to deal with commonly encountered problems when deploying and debugging IPsec VPNs.  Lisa Phifer delivered a variation of this presentation in this October 2002 searchSecurity webcast.

Deployment Considerations for Remote Access VPNs
In this searchNetworking webcast, CoreComís Lisa Phifer discusses common deployment issues that successful remote access VPN rollouts must take into consideration.

Commonly Overlooked Security Hazards
In this searchNetworking presentation, Dave Piscitello offers tried-and-true practices for identifying and alleviating security risks, and implementing guidelines that will protect your company from the next nasty threat. Here, Dave covers the ten most commonly overlooked security hazards.
Initiatives to Boost Your Network Security
Security dangers you're not even aware can be lurking in every corner of your network. In this searchNetworking presentation, Dave Piscitello presents the top ten practical guidelines you can put into place today to protect your network and critical data in the future.

Security Strategies for Remote Workers
In this webcast, presented by Lisa Phifer for searchNetworking, learn about threats and countermeasures that can be used to effectively secure remote workers, their networks, systems, and data.

Migrating to IP-based VPNs
Enterprise VPNs have traditionally been deployed over leased lines using Frame Relay or ATM, but many enterprises are migrating their VPN infrastructure to IP using protocols such as IPsec, MPLS and SSL. Find out more about the options so that you can choose which is best for your network in this webcast presented by Lisa Phifer for searchNetworking.

Strategic Network Security for Executives
In this video webcast produced by WatchGuard Technologies, CoreComís Dave Piscitello outlines the executive role in forming a security strategy and business pitfalls to be avoided.

Understanding IPsec VPN Crypto
In this SearchSecurity webcast, Lisa Phifer provides a primer on cryptographic methods used by VPNs for confidentiality, integrity, source authentication, non-repudiation, authentication, and secure key exchange.

Making Sense of 802.11 Standards
IEEE 802.11a, b, or g - which wireless LAN standard is right for you? What's the difference between 802.1x and 802.11i - more importantly, why should you care? In this searchNetworking audio event, Lisa Phifer spells out the A-B-C's of 802.11 standards and explains where these standards appear in wireless LAN products and services.

High Speed Internet Access: Present and Future
In this Villanova ECE Day presentation, Dave Piscitello discusses the shape of high-speed access, key concepts and features of wireline and wireless broadband local access, and how ILECs and CLECs are attempting to operate within the 1996 Telecom Act.

Policy Management
In this April 1999 TISC presentation, CoreCom's David Piscitello joined Rodney Thayer (Internet Devices), Ashley Stephenson (Xedia), and Neil Gehani (Checkpoint) for a panel discussion on the evolution of secure network policy administration.

Shared Access as The Killer Application for DSL
In this N+I Atlanta 2000 presentation, Dave Piscitello dons his "analyst" cap and argues that shared access is that elusive Killer Application for Broadband local access.

Virtual Private Networking Demonstration
This animated presentation recaps a VPN Day demonstration delivered by Dave Piscitello. See how to configure an internal CA for IPsec gateway authentication using Nokia's CryptoConsole and CryptoCluster 500. Those VPN Day attendees who begged Joel Snyder for his IPsec configuration templates will find them posted here.

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