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Vendor-Sponsored Technical White Papers written by CoreCom

Dynamic Wireless Threat Protection
As WLANs become more mission critical and dynamic, new threats have emerged. This white paper, written by Lisa Phifer for AirMagnet, explains why frequent as-needed threat signature updates - a long-time best practice for wired networks - should be folded into Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems too.

What to do if your Web site has been Hacked
This document, developed by Dave Piscitello and members of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), is a reference guide for any web site owner or operator who suspects, discovers, or receives notification that its web site is being used to host a phishing site. It explains important incident response measures to take in the areas of identification, notification, containment, recovery, restoration, and follow-up when an attack is suspected or confirmed.

Making Waves in the Phisher' Safest Harbors
This document, developed by Dave Piscitello and members of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) Phishers, discusses how phishers now use what we call subdomain registries to provide safe harbors for malicious and criminal activities. It also discusses measures individuals and organizations can consider if they opt to make these harbors less attractive and effective to phishers.

802.11n Primer
Network planners and administrators need to understand the business benefits and technical challenges posed by 802.11n. This primer, written by Lisa Phifer and AirMagnet, explains the essential new technologies used by 802.11n and their impact on network planning, installation, and operation.

SSL VPN Grows Up: Time to Demand More from Your Next SSL VPN
This paper, written by Lisa Phifer from WatchGuard, describes how SSL VPN gateways have matured, surpassing old access limitations, tightening IT controls, and increasing automation. As your organization moves to master today's mobility challenges, it's time to dissolve any lingering misconceptions and demand more from your next SSL VPN.

Leveraging GoToMyPC Corporate to Boost Productivity
Many users ó including those with VPNs ó would welcome a convenient and flexible alternative that made it possible to work from anywhere. In this paper, developed by Lisa Phifer for Citrix OnLine, we illustrate a variety of business situations in which GoToMyPC Corporate could be applied to improve workforce availability, efficiency, retention and job satisfaction.

Making WLANs Work Reliably and Cost-Effectively in a Multimedia World
This paper, written by Lisa Phifer for Ruckus Wireless, examines the opportunities and challenges associated with operating an SMB WLAN or public hot spot. It describes what these organizations need to deliver Wi-Fi more reliably, to increasingly diverse devices and applications, covering larger areas and higher user densities, while minimizing total cost of ownership, and introduces the Ruckus ZoneFlex platform.

Surviving Airborne Threats with Wireless Intrusion Prevention
To safely reap the business benefits of Wi-Fi, we must move beyond weak first-generation deterrents like WEP and passive Wireless IDS. Surviving airborne threats requires a proactive, effective defense that incorporates both WPA and an automated, accurate Wireless WIPS. In this paper developed for AirTight, Lisa Phifer examines the key differences between WIDS and WIPS and criteria to consider when choosing a WIPS.

Five Step Plan for Securing Your Enterprise WLAN
Wi-Fi misuse, abuse, or attack can cause financial harm; an effective network defense now requires the ability to control all wireless activity that impacts your business. This paper, developed by Lisa Phifer for AirTight Networks, decomposes the challenge of securing an enterprise WLAN into five essential steps and recommends best practices to ensure the safety and integrity of today's enterprise networks.

Wi-Fi Challenges Facing Digital Voice in the Home
As the de facto technology for in-home wireless, Wi-Fi has great potential to enable FMC converged service delivery inside the home. This paper, developed by Lisa Phifer for Ruckus Wireless, explores challenges and solutions for residential Vo-Fi service delivery.

Fingering Culprits Faster and Better
Fast, accurate user identification is critical for incident response, threat containment, troubleshooting, and compliance reporting. However, manual IP-to-ID mapping can be tedious, time consuming, even impossible. In this paper developed by Lisa Phifer for A10 Networks, learn how A10's IP-to-ID service can help automate identity resolution and eliminate information gaps to speed identity forensics.

Putting hotspot security to the test
When Lisa Phifer and Craig Mathias tested public access networks at hotels in three major cities, they found that provider security measures and resulting user risks varied widely. In this white paper, we describe real-world security threats that face business travelers who use wired and wireless hotel broadband services, and steps users can take to protect their systems and data.

Extend Your VPN with GoToMyPC Corporate
This white paper, developed by Lisa Phifer for Citrix Online, examines the evolution of secure remote access technologies. By examining workforce needs and associated costs, this paper shows how many companies could use GoToMyPC Corporate to augment their remote access strategy by offloading VPN users who not only cause the greatest IT pain, but would benefit the most from secure remote desktop access.

Managing WLAN Risks With Vulnerability Assessment
Many measures are available to safeguard WLANs, but which should your company deploy, and how can you tell whether your network has been sufficiently hardened? This white paper, written by Lisa Phifer for AirMagnet, describes an iterative process for vulnerability assessment, risk analysis, and remediation.

Best PracticesGuide: Wireless Intrusion Prevention
This guide, written by Lisa Phifer for Network Chemistry, explains how a Wireless Intrusion Prevention System can be used within a scalable operations process to mitigate wireless threats in multi-site business networks. It identifies top business risks, the role of WIPS in neutralizing associated threats, and illustrates how a WIPS like RFprotect System 4 can be deployed as part of an integrated network security operations workflow.

Why Replace Your IPSec for Remote Access?
Written by CoreCom for SonicWALL, this white paper explains why SonicWALL Aventail's Smart SSL VPNs are replacing IPSec VPNs, making it possible to offer expanded application support, from everywhere, with a single policy model for all access methods.

The Building Blocks of a Manageable, Scalable and Secure WLAN
Businesses can't afford to shift mission-critical activities onto wireless unless those networks can provide robust, non-stop access under heavy load. This paper, developed by CoreComís Lisa Phifer for Bluesocket, describes Bluesocket's approach to providing seamless secure mobility and automatic policy synchronization.

Best Practices For Rogue Detection and Annihilation
With rogue wireless devices posing a threat to corporate networks, it's become essential for owners to detect, disable, and manage them automatically. This
AirMagnet white paper, written by CoreCom's Lisa Phifer, defines rogue APs and stations, explains why they present a business risk, and details how to effectively identify, locate, and eliminate them using industry best practices.

Cutting Remote Access Costs in the Enterprise
This white paper, developed by Lisa Phifer for Citrix OnLine (Expertcity), discusses how companies can reduce the cost of providing secure remote access by using GoToMyPC Corporate and explores the many factors that influence the total cost of providing remote access. Download a copy of this paper by using this webform, or read a summary of the paper in this press release.

IronShield Best Practices - Deploying Wireless LANs
This white paper written by CoreCom's Lisa Phifer and
Foundry Network's Philip Kwan explains how to select and deploy 802.11 WLAN products to meet business, capacity, and security needs, including steps to perform successful site surveys.

Browser-Based Remote Control
In these technology and security white papers developed by CoreCom's Lisa Phifer for Citrix Online, we describe how GoToMyPC provides secure remote access to individual and corporate desktop PCs.

Geographically-Distributed Presence with Envoy
This white paper, developed by CoreCom's Lisa Phifer for Coyote Point, describes the simple steps required to configure and monitor Envoy geographic load balancing.

When Corporate Network Safety Starts at Employees' Homes
Developed by CoreCom for WatchGuard, this paper discusses why enterprise IT administrators need to be concerned with their employeesí security practices on home wireless networks and offers a set of guidelines to prevent home networks from becoming unguarded backdoors into corporate networks.

Load-Balanced Server Clusters
This white paper, developed by CoreCom's Lisa Phifer for Coyote Point, explores the benefits and steps involved in creating a load-balanced server cluster for high-availability, high-performance web hosting.

Residential Broadband and Security
Residential broadband services like DSL and cable modem are attractive to the teleworker, but pose new security challenges for the IT manager. This white paper, developed for
COVAD, describes solutions that enable secure deployment of these emerging technologies.

Secure LANs with IPsec
IPsec primer, developed by CoreCom under contract to TechGuide for Intel, examines risks associated with LAN-based Intranets and technologies that can be used to build secure LANs.

Secure Shell Port Forwarding
This white paper, developed by CoreComís Lisa Phifer for VanDyke Software, describes how port forwarding (tunneling) with Secure Shell works, where it can be used, and the solutions offered by VanDyke products.

Stateful Inspection
This white paper, developed by CoreComís Lisa Phifer for Juniper Networks (NetScreen Technologies), describes their approach to stateful inspection firewalling.

Transferring Files Safely With Secure Shell
This white paper, developed by CoreComís Lisa Phifer for VanDyke Technologies, describes how file transfer with Secure Shell works, where it can be used, and the solutions offered by VanDyke products.

Using Virtual LANs to Get More From Your Firewall
VLANs separate large networks into smaller pieces that are easier to maintain. Extending VLANs into your firewall takes this modularity to the next level. This primer, developed by CoreCom for WatchGuard, explains how VLAN tags can be used to create independent firewall rules for logical workgroups.

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