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DRESHER, Pennsylvania -- April,  2000

Press Releases

Core Competence, an internetworking consulting company, and David Strom, Inc., today announced an updated release of the Internet @ppliance Industry Report. Designed to assist small business, ISPs and IT managers, this report examines the new and promising market for products that simplify Internet access, remote access, web hosting, electronic commerce, and more.

According to noted columnist and consultant David Strom, a member of the report team, "Internet appliances come ready-to-use. Their software comes pre-installed, and they require minimal configuration to get them up and running. But different appliances offer overlapping features, making choosing the right product a difficult task for consumers. That’s where this report can help”.

The report answers frequently asked questions regarding Internet appliances, and explains the capabilities and features that distinguish one type of Internet appliance from another. The report also explains how Internet appliances support Intranets, Extranets, and home, small business, and remote office LANs requiring Internet access. 

“Internet appliances can dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership and operation of Internet-based applications.  They are inexpensive to purchase, and far simpler to administer than UNIX or NT servers.  They are an excellent solution for small businesses or branch offices that do not have the time nor expertise at hand to run internet servers”, added David Piscitello, President of Core Competence.

Lisa Phifer, VP at Core Competence, is enthusiastic about the role appliances in the world of electronic commerce.  “Internet appliances can make virtual storefronts a practical business opportunity for small businesses. You can now purchase an appliance with everything a small business owner needs to sell products on the web, and you can open your store only hours after unpacking the carton.”

The report can be viewed free of charge at http://www.corecom.com/ia. A presentation and demonstration of Internet appliances was given at Networld+Interop Atlanta 1998. A summary of the report was published in the December 1998 issue of WEB Builder.  Individual reviews added in 1999 have been republished by ISP-Planet.

For further information about this report, contact Core Competence, Inc. (http://www.corecom.com, 610-458-7106) orDavid Strom, Inc. (http://www.strom.com, 516-944-3407).

For information about products reviewed in this report, contact Cobalt Networks, Inc. (http://www.cobaltnet.com), Encanto Networks, Inc. (http://www.encanto.com), eSoft (http://www.eSoft.com), FlowPoint Corporation (http://www.flowpoint.com), FreeGate Corporation (http://www.freegate.com), Internet Appliance (http://www.internet-appliance.com), Ramp Networks (http://www.rampnet.com), Rebel.com (http://www.rebel.com), and Technauts (http://www.technauts.com).

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