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The Company Name

Incorporated in 1993, the company name was derived from the title of the influential and highly regarded article "The Core Competence of a Corporation" by C.K. Prahalad and G. Hamal, Harvard Business Review, May-June 1990, pp. 79-91.

The Company Founder

Core Competence was founded by Dave Piscitello, who retired to pursue other interests at the end of 2012. Dave had turned the company's daily operations over to business partner Lisa Phifer several years earlier. Today, Lisa serves as President and sole owner of Core Competence.

University Ties

The company has ties to Villanova University.  CoreCom President Lisa Phifer received her Masters Degree in Computer Science from Villanova in 1993, and CoreCom's founder David Piscitello received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Villanova in 1974.

Expressing our Opinions

CoreCom employees have always enjoyed expressing their thoughts and opinions. To view CoreCom founder Dave Piscitello’s musings, visit his weblog: SecuritySkeptic.  To view CoreCom President Lisa Phifer’s recent publications on all things wireless, visit her Wireless CORner.

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